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Sovereign TotalCareMax Keypoints

Benefits Available

All TotalCareMax — Personal benefits:
  • Accidental Death
  • Disability Income Protection
  • Essential Disability Income
  • Family Protection*
  • Life Cover
  • Living Assurance
  • Total Permanent Disablement
  • Waiver of Premium

(* This is Life Insurance paid monthly for a specified period. Contact us for further information and quotes.)

Benefit Options

  • Level
  • CPI linked

Please note that for accelerated Total Permanent Disablement and Living Assurance benefits, the indexation option and premium type selected under the Life Cover benefit.

Cash Value



$5.46 per monthly policy fee. (This increases with the CPI rate each year).

Entry Ages

Life Cover: Age 10
All other benefits: Age 16

Accidental Death: Age 60 (Individual consideration from age 60)
Disability Income Protection: 55 (Trades or Labour occupations). Age 60 (Professional or Clerical)
Essential Disability Income:55 (Trades or Labour occupations). Age 60 (Professional or Clerical)
Life Cover: Age 70 (Individual consideration from age 70)
Living Assurance: Age 70 (Individual consideration from age 70)
Total Permanent Disablement: 55 (Trades or Labour occupations). Age 60 (Professional or Clerical)
Waiver of Premium: 55 (Trades or Labour occupations). Age 60 (Professional or Clerical,)


If 3 months premiums missed.

Lives Assured

Multiple lives available.

Method of Payment

  • Direct Debit
  • Cash
  • Credit Card

Notes: Cash option only available for annual premium. Preferred payment.

Minimum Premium Contribution

$15.00 per month.

Premium Frequency

  • Monthly
  • Weekly (direct debit only)
  • Fortnightly (direct debit only)
  • Quarterly
  • Annual (5% discount applies for annual premiums)

Premium Structure

Premiums can be structured in the following ways:
  1. Rate for Age
  2. Over 10 years
  3. To age 65: Life Cover — Personal, Total Permanent Disablement, Living Assurance and Disability Income Protection benefits only)
  4. To age 80: Life Cover — Personal benefit only.

Note: Only quotes for Rate for Age are provided via this site. Contact us if you would like quotes for other terms.

Recalculations of Premium

Where Rate for Age has been selected, your premium will be recalculated at each anniversary date.

Where a premium structure of 10 years, or to age 65 and to age 80 is chosen, the premium will be calculated over that period. Sovereign guarantees this premium for Life Cover — Personal, Family Protection and Accidental Death benefits. For all other benefits the premium may change at any anniversary date if Sovereign changes its underlying premium rates. In that case, Sovereign will recalculate the premium to apply for the remainder of the period. At the end of any recalculated 10 year period, the premium type will convert to Rate for Age.

If the cover is not indexed to CPI the premium will be level for the period chosen (unless there are changes to the underlying premium rates).

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